Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Gutter

It was minus two and half degrees celsius this morning and once again the skies were blue. What a stunner. 

I rushed out with my camera and before I had stepped off the pavement I saw exactly what I wanted to photograph. The gutter.

A small pile of leaves has been lying there for sometime and this morning they were covered in a beautiful frost. It's perhaps not the most imaginative of images - we've all seen it before. But I can't think many people have taken this particular shot in the gutter outside their house.

People often call me grumpy, which I find a real disappointment, because I find beauty everywhere and to be that lucky - how can I possibly feel grumpy? Actually, I am grumpy right now because I've got to jump in a car and spend two and a half hours on the motorway. I would rather be in the gutter.

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