Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Planning to shoot a film at Dungeness for Autumnwatch. Great piece of accidental nature going on there. The nuclear power station pumps warm water from its cooling process into the sea. This warm area of water called "the patch" attracts a lot of marine life which in turn attracts sea birds which feed on it and so it is now a common "hot spot" for seawatching. Don't get more accidental than that!


maggie said...

We moved from Lympne 5 and a half years ago. having lived in kent since i was six (which was a long time ago!)i know Romney marsh and it is a beautiful place..was never a fan of Dungeness but wow the micro environment evolving sounds fantastic. can't wait to see your film on Autumnwatch

chris downes said...

There is a similar situation at Kingsnorth power station on the River Medway, the warm water outfall makes for great mussels beds and the creek has become a Bass breeding ground.

Richard Taylor-Jones said...

Hi Chris - thats an amazing story - thank you so much, i'm going to look into that. Richard