Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Seal Pup Update

For those of you interested here is a quick update from Alex at British Divers Marine life Rescue on the common seal pup that was rescued last week.....

"Pup is doing well she weighed in at about 8kg, umbilicus a bit infected so she has had some antibiotics and that has dried up. She is fine apart from that feeding well and now has a little belly on her. She is likely to be there until beginning of October so will let you know how she is doing and when the release date is in the hope that you can make it. They had another one come in from Hastings so she has another one to keep her company!"

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Richard Taylor-Jones said...

Hi Richard
bad news I am afraid, heard that the little pup has died unexpectedly. They carried out a post mortem which was inconclusive and therefore samples have been sent off for further exploration. I guess we must look on the bright side which is that she was given every opportunity to thrive and was comfortable and safe. Real shame though.

all the best

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